Fb Industry Automation impresses with its innovative intralogistics solutions.


Icon Shuttle von Fb Industry Automation

Fb Industry Automation has an impressive capacity for innovation, reflected in an extremely high number of patents. Our company puts real emphasis on research and development in order to create pioneering technologies and solutions for the intralogistics industry.

As a specialist in intralogistics shuttles, there is a strong focus on patents for various designs of transport shuttles. These include Fb Overhead Shuttles, Fb Roller and Fb Pallet Shuttles for large parts and heavy loads. There are also Fb Compact and Fb Sorter Shuttle for small parts. Together, they form the Fb Shuttle family. In addition, there are patents for automated transport systems and various designs of transfer trolleys both with and without a hub.

These patents reflect our company’s willingness to develop pioneering technologies that raise the efficiency, flexibility, and performance of intralogistics processes to a whole new level.


This innovative spirit and years of experience means Fb Industry Automation develops and creates tailored and complete intralogistics solutions to best reflect the demands of large companies as well as SMEs Every company is unique, and individual targets can only be implemented with a comprehensive product range. Fb Industry Automation revolutionises your intralogistics. Warehousing and material flows are optimised, enabling seamless and efficient movement of goods and materials.

A wide range of intralogistics solutions mean that Fb Industry Automation storage solutions are used in a variety of industries. Our customers come from various industries such as engineering & electrics, vehicle technology, food & drink, air & space travel, retail, wood-processing, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics & health as well as renewable energies.


All storage logistics solutions from Fb Industry Automation are characterised by their precision, speed and reliability. These features lead to a considerable increase in operating efficiency and a reduction in lead times.

The combination of innovative research, a remarkable number of patents and tailored intralogistics shuttle solutions mean that Fb Industry Automation is able to support you in optimising your intralogistics processes and in creating a competitive advantage in a dynamic business environment. Our commitment towards continuous development and customised solutions makes us a powerful, long-term partner for your company if you are looking for advanced intralogistics solutions.