As a company in the high-tech sector, continuous new developments and product innovations are a matter of course for us. This applies not only to our overall solutions and services, but also to us as a team.

Werner FRISSENBICHLER  Managing Director

Kai DROGE  Head of Strategy & Finances

Sean OGLE  Head of Software Fb Stash & Control Technology

Michael GROSS – Head of Sales Management

Thomas Kaiser, Senior Sales Manager Europe bei Fb Industry Automation

Thomas KAISER  Sales Management

Florian PÖSINGER  Sales Management

Roderik ter Beek, Sales Manager Europe bei Fb Industry Automation

Roderik ter BEEK  Sales Management

Manuel SEEBAUER  Head of Sales Engineering

Matthias OSTERMANN  Sales Engineering

Lukas WOLF  Sales Engineering

Simon MANDL  Sales Engineering

Stefan Leitner, Leitung Projektmanagement bei Fb Industry Automation

Stefan LEITNER  Head of Project Management

Mario ACHRAINER  Project Management

Gabriel STEINER  Project Management

Dominik KRENN – Head of Electrical, Mechanical, System Engineering and Development

Lukas EBNER – Teamlead Electrical Engineering

Daniel RIGLER – Electrical Engineering

Ivan POZGAJ – Mechanical Engineering

Jakob BECK – Head of SPS Planning, Development & Commissioning

Daniel OPITZ  SPS Engineering

Valentin HIERZ  SPS Engineering

Charaktereigenschaften von Luca Calovi bei Fb Industry Automation

Vedran SAVIC  SPS Engineering

Franz Fuchs, Head of

Franz FUCHS  Head of Mechanical Installation

Stefan STROHMAIER  Head of Product Development

Daniel ELLMAIER  Product Development

Julia STADLER – Head of Marketing

Nadine FASCHING  Marketing 

Sonja HOLZERBAUER  Head of Team Assistance & Organisation

Carmen HOFER  Team Assistance & Organisation

Laura Muggenauer, Teamassistenz bei Fb Industry Automation

Laura MUGGENAUER  Team Assistance & Organisation

Susanne FRISSENBICHLER  Payment Accountant

Manuela GLANZ  Accountant

Romana USCHAN  Human Ressource Management

Karl DOMITTNER  Head of Purchasing and Supply Chain Management

Thomas LANG  Purchasing

Gerald GRUBER  Warehouse & Dispatch Management

Gerhard WOLF  Business Process Management

Hans Leersch,  bei Fb Industry Automation

Hans LEERSCH  Safety Management

Franz Zotter-Grabner, Dokumentation bei Fb Industry Automation

Franz ZOTTER-GRABNER  Documentation

Katharina EBNER  Financial Project Management & Controlling

Luca Calovi bei Fb Industry Automation

Luca CALOVI  Project Controlling