Ensure your ecological and economic advantages with Fb Industry Automation.


The importance of sustainability is also increasing within the field of intralogistics. Even at an early stage, Fb Industry Automation recognised that companies can benefit from ecological as well as economic advantages. In this case, sustainability refers to the long-term preservation and maintenance of available resources. Operating processes are optimised, and environmental effects are minimised.


A Retrofit is a major driver for sustainability at Fb Industry Automation. This method means existing storage logistics units and systems are updated and brought up to date. It enables available capacity to be updated without having to install completely new infrastructure. The lower need for materials means that Fb Industry Automation can save on the use of limited resources and mitigate any harmful effects on the environment. On the other hand, this also minimises interruption to operations as retrofitting generally requires less time compared to full replacement of systems. In addition, retrofitting means our team can adapt systems in line with current technological standards, improving the performance and efficiency of intralogistics systems.

Furthermore, sustainable technologies can be introduced incrementally and therefore in a manner that’s amenable to investment. As an example, Fb Industry Automation replaces old, inefficient machines with more energy-efficient models to reduce energy consumption. Also, integration of smart monitoring and control systems increases efficiency by providing real-time data so that processes are optimised and bottlenecks are avoided.


Implementation of efficient, environmentally-friendly technologies means we can reduce your energy consumption in general. More efficient transport and storage and warehouse processes minimise energy consumption whilst also safeguarding your natural resources. This does not just lead to cost savings, but also shows social commitment regarding environmental responsibility.

In general, sustainability and retrofitting within intralogistics lead to a win-win situation. With Fb Industry Automation you can improve your environmental footprint, reduce costs, save resources whilst also being more competitive. The combination of ecological responsibility and technological progress at Fb Industry Automation, makes it possible for companies to successfully handle the challenges posed by modern logistics.