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For the new A321 XLR long-haul aircraft, Airbus is looking to automate production by using the innovative, flexibly scalable Fb Compact Warehouse (=automated small parts warehouse) from Fb Industry Automation. Manufacture of the rear fuselage in the new assembly hangar in Hamburg takes place with the customised automated small parts warehouse.

The Fb Compact Warehouse is flexibly scalable incl. upstream and downstream conveyor connections to incoming/outgoing goods as well as material flow control. The throughput and performance can be individually expanded if demand continues to increase. Another part of the complete intralogistics solution is the in-house warehouse and storage management software Fb Stash for monitoring the material flow

We are delighted that Airbus have put their faith in us. With our Fb Compact Warehouse, the customer is using the most innovative intralogistics solution, with exceptional flexibility and reliability, in the production of the new A321 XLR long-haul aircraft“, emphasised Werner Frissenbichler, managing director of Fb Industry Automation.

The innovative Fb Compact Warehouse system is built around a unique shuttle technology in which containers for small parts in the automated small parts warehouse are moved and implemented in the individual levels along with the intralogistics shuttles. The change of levels for the Fb Compact Shuttles can lower costs as no separate shuttles are required for material transport on each level. The Fb Compact Shuttles and the vertical conveyor allow for a load of up to 120 kg per shuttle“, explains Werner Frissenbichler.

Containers for small parts are initially placed manually by staff onto the conveyor technology in the incoming goods area. They are then fully automatically moved to a rack, at which point they are taken by a Fb Compact Shuttle and moved to the automated small parts warehouse.

The automated small parts warehouse consists of a racking aisle, three energy-efficient, fully automated Fb Compact Shuttles and a vertical conveyor. The automated small parts warehouse has space for a total of 2,500 containers on an area of approximately 11 m x 4.7 m x 14 m (L/W/H). Two different variants of containers for small parts can be stored to ensure ideal performance from internal logistics. 600x400x220 mm (3 deep) and 600x200x220 mm (6 deep). The power supply for the Fb shuttles is provided for each level via conductor rails. The whole process, from incoming goods to material supply for production workspaces is automatically controlled via the WMS (warehouse management system) or MFS (material flow system) with Fb Stash.

About Fb Industry Automation:

Fb Industry Automation GmbH is a company specialising in innovative, complete intralogistics solutions. We design and implement customised automation systems for manufacturers, online shops and wholesale customers with a wide range of items. Fb Industry Automation turns the individual aims of their customers into reality and is continuously developing its portfolio of solutions to handle the requirements of SMEs and large companies.

Alongside a wide-ranging in-house portfolio of high-tech solutions, the company also has a large network in its position as a system integrator so the best solution can be found for every customer. Tailored financing models mean automation of intralogistics is possible for any size of company. The company places great store on customisation and provides its customers with an all-round package.

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