Tailor-made solutions from Fb Industry Automation for your individual automation needs.



These days, companies need to be increasingly flexible. Innovative technologies and dynamic developments in the market require special adaptability.

This situation is also a decisive influencing factor when it comes to the design of intralogistics. It must be able to cope with increasing and volatile demands, as well as keep pace with the need for individuality. In order to build a sustainable competitive advantage, intralogistics and storage logistics need to be flexible, adaptable and integrable. The required degree of automation for the internal material flow must be precisely evaluated to be able to also realise future growth.

The product portfolio of Fb Industry Automation ranges from manual storage to a complete high-tech automation of the entire intralogistics. We adapt the degree of automation for your storage logistics to suit your needs, from 0 to 100%.


Many companies are concerned that an increasing level of automation will reduce the ability to control their facilities and systems. We can reassure you that the opposite is true.

With the 360+ intralogistics complete solutions from Fb Industry Automation, control and system management are more efficient and simpler than ever before. Our intralogistics is your pathway to Industry 4.0. We offer you a command centre from which you can monitor, manage and control processes. This gives you clear and digital control over all processes in the automation chain.

In addition to the 24/7 overview of all your storage processes, there are also many other advantages. Our systems give you a detailed insight into all relevant data and information. This reduces your production costs and at the same time increases your efficiency. We design management of the automated system for you in such a way that you are guaranteed to increase your efficiency. Depending on the size of your system, significant savings mean that the costs will already be completely recovered after just a few years of operation.

When does which degree of automation make sense? The unparalleled flexibility of Fb Industry Automation even allows for step-by-step integration of the automation processes into the existing storage logistics. We discuss the best possible approach and the individual service phases with you, taking a customised approach to the requirements of your company.

In the design phase we consider the growth targets, so that future expansions can be implemented as simply as possible. From the very start, we focus on the best possible implementation of intralogistics in accordance with the model of Industry 4.0.


Automation is often associated with high investment costs. For small companies, this makes Industry 4.0 unattractive at the first glance.

However, innovative technical solutions and advanced software developments also make cost-saving partial automation possible. This means that anyone can get started with automation. We have also developed flexible financing models to support startups and smaller companies.

Contact us and we will develop a customised concept for you.

Software solutions are particularly simple to integrate and quickly deliver the first noticeable successes for manual storage. The improvement in your employee’s work will be unparalleled. This can be implemented, for example, with the high-performance Fb Stash software from Fb Industry Automation.

The software is integrated into the intralogistics processes just once. If the company continues to grow, new processes can be immediately integrated into the software and managed from there. Fb Stash lets you manage your entire intralogistics with a single software.

This approach is particularly beneficial to startups and companies that are growing quickly. If there are currently still small quantities of goods and low storage capacities available, the software is a cost-effective alternative to mechanical automation solutions. At the same time, there is always room for improvement and the partially automated system can be flexibly expanded as the company grows.


Transport processes are amongst the most complex operations in storage logistics. They are, however, of elementary importance for production companies, online shops and wholesale customers. They ensure that all goods are always in the right place at the right time.

For this reason, during the automation we place particular emphasis on the optimisation of transport processes. We use the latest technology to relieve you of the manual transport of goods. The internal processes in storage, production, order picking, packing and shipping are thus shortened and accelerated.

Automated transport solutions are not only more efficient – they also offer you more security and are less prone to errors. With the software-controlled management from Fb Industry Automation, you automate your transport processes and design the internal material flow in a clear, modern and cost-effective manner.


Manual small parts warehouses serve their purpose to some degree, but time and labour are intensive. Our solution for you is the Fb Compact Warehouse; your customised automated small parts warehouse. The system takes over the storage processes and transport of goods completely automatically. Automated small parts warehouses are one of the most important steps on the path to completely automated storage in line with Industry 4.0. We perfectly coordinate your software and technology so that you can seamlessly manage all parts of the storage logistics.

To make integration during ongoing operations possible, we plan all steps carefully in advance and implement them after consultation with you. The result for you are efficient transport of goods, larger transport and storage volumes, as well as an overall higher level of reliability.


Labour-intensive processes can be even further optimised with a higher degree of automation. At its core is the automatic storage system, e.g. the automated small parts warehouse. With our special software solution Fb Stash and the use of highly developed technology, the connection to additional intralogistics areas can be improved and the degree of automation can be increased. Incoming goods, storage, order picking, production, packing and shipping thus become a closed unit.

The Fb Order Picking Hubs are a very popular solution for the automation and networking of the various intralogistics areas, giving your company a sustainable competitive advantage thanks to networked and automated internal material flows. Existing data and data collected by the system are evaluated for time-saving expansion of the degree of automation. This simplifies the migration of new areas – both when it comes to software and hardware.

Another unique core competence of Fb Industry Automation is the software integration of Kardex systems. This allows us to ensure a uniform interface and overall more efficient intralogistics control.


The last step toward intralogistics in line with Industry 4.0 is full automation.

Contrary to popular belief, however, this is not about completely replacing all human tasks with machines. The goal of full automation is to optimally divide up the respective processes between people and machines to achieve maximum performance and cost reduction. This approach is reflected in our vision and mission. It is our goal to combine the strengths of people with the reliability of machines. We design storage logistics solutions that will continue to have a focus on people in the future which allows you to gain a sustainable advantage over your competitors.

With fully automated storage logistics, we use the latest technological solutions and control systems. The data-based management continually optimises your internal material flow based on the data that is continually collected and evaluated. The resources of your employees are therefore available for more complex tasks.

People and machines as one – the guiding principle of Fb Industry Automation implemented in automated intralogistics systems. Perfect for initial automation, system expansion or storage logistics retrofit.


Sustainability for your intralogistics

Admittedly, change always sounds like a big challenge. But they are also opportunities for further development in a constantly changing market. But how can sustainability be implemented in your company? We show you simple ways in which we can modernize your systems and how artificial intelligence can simplify your processes.

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Small, but powerful! Focus on intralogistics load carriers

Systematic coordination of staff and goods within intralogistics to make them a coherent unit comes with its fair share of challenges. Successful internal logistics requires implementation of a series of strategies and processes that make the transportation of goods within a company as efficient as possible.
Selection of the correct container system is of the utmost importance when ensuring things run smoothly. As a core element, it is the fundamental infrastructure for powerful, networked storage logistics.

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Airbus trusts Fb Industry Automation with major order

For the new A321 XLR long-haul aircraft, Airbus is looking to automate production by using the innovative, flexibly scalable Fb Compact Warehouse (=automated small parts warehouse) from Fb Industry Automation. Manufacture of the rear fuselage in the new assembly hangar in Hamburg takes place with the customised automated small parts warehouse.
The Fb Compact Warehouse is flexibly scalable incl. upstream and downstream conveyor connections to incoming/outgoing goods as well as material flow control.

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