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Success Stories

Nagel Maschinen- & Werkzeugfabrik GmbH – Automated Small Parts Warehouse

Find out more about the possibilities of an automated small parts warehouse with different rack heights. In order to be able to use the space available at NAGEL Maschinen- und Werkzeugfabrik GmbH in the best possible way, the Fb Compact Warehouse was individually developed and implemented. Small parts up to 120kg can now be transported automatically with shuttles and picked with maximum performance.

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Examples of use

Individual Degree of Automation

When does which degree of automation make sense? The unparalleled flexibility of Fb Industry Automation even allows for step-by-step integration of the automation processes into the existing storage logistics. We discuss the best possible approach and the individual service phases with you, taking a customised approach to the requirements of your company.

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Fb Stash – The storage management software for your success.

The efficiency of internal logistics processes is increasingly becoming a central success factor. All processes, from goods receipt, storage, transfer and retrieval, to production, order picking and shipment, must be coordinated. Equipped with decades of experience in the logistics industry, the team from Fb Industry Automation developed the innovative Fb Stash storage management system for material flow control, storage automation and inventory management. The high-performance software ties together the individual elements of the Fb 360+ intralogistics complete solutions.

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Customised Intralogistics

Werner Frissenbichler, CEO of Fb Industry Automation, about the opportunities for companies with customised intralogistics automation.
From the ideal procedure for automating warehouse logistics to the perfect warehouse of the future, different ways for a sustainable competitive advantage are discussed.

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Examples of use

Automated High-Bay Warehouse

Rapid developments in the high-tech sector – keyword Industry 4.0 – require automated intralogistics complete solutions with excellent flexibility and scalability. An automatic high-bay warehouse fulfils these requirements and, as a high-performance system, individually adapts to your framework conditions.

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Automated Small Parts Warehouse vs. Storage and Retrieval Machine.

Warehouse processes are typically handled by a storage and retrieval machine (SRM) or an intralogistics shuttle. While an SRM scores points with consistent material flows and low maintenance, transport shuttles impress with their flexibility. They manage, for example, various hall heights, long transport routes and changing throughput requirements. In an emergency with an SRM, entire warehouse aisles fail. In addition, both the storage and picking performance are limited.

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