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The Fb Knowledge Hub provides you with further information and news from the world of Fb Industry Automation. Find out more about the unique solutions for the intralogistics requirements of the future.

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Sustainability Intralogistics
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Sustainability for your intralogistics

Admittedly, change always sounds like a big challenge. But they are also opportunities for further development in a constantly changing market. But how can sustainability be implemented in your company? We show you simple ways in which we can modernize your systems and how artificial intelligence can simplify your processes.

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How to find the right intralogistics load carrier with Fb Industry Automation
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Small, but powerful! Focus on intralogistics load carriers

Systematic coordination of staff and goods within intralogistics to make them a coherent unit comes with its fair share of challenges. Successful internal logistics requires implementation of a series of strategies and processes that make the transportation of goods within a company as efficient as possible.
Selection of the correct container system is of the utmost importance when ensuring things run smoothly. As a core element, it is the fundamental infrastructure for powerful, networked storage logistics.

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Airbus trusts Fb Industry Automation with major order

For the new A321 XLR long-haul aircraft, Airbus is looking to automate production by using the innovative, flexibly scalable Fb Compact Warehouse (=automated small parts warehouse) from Fb Industry Automation. Manufacture of the rear fuselage in the new assembly hangar in Hamburg takes place with the customised automated small parts warehouse.
The Fb Compact Warehouse is flexibly scalable incl. upstream and downstream conveyor connections to incoming/outgoing goods as well as material flow control.

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Examples of use

Everything you need to know about intralogistics

Intralogistics refers to all of the logistics processes and procedures undertaken within a company or an organisation. These include, among others, the internal planning, organisation, control and implementation of the various flows of materials and information. As an essential element of modern logistics, its relevance continues to grow as well.

This article will provide a detailed look at intralogistics and its importance for companies, the “7 Rs” principle of logistics, the various subsections and the key tasks covered undertaken by intralogistics.

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Success Stories

LEHNER electronics – Automated Small Parts Warehouse (AS/RS)

Since its establishment in 1997, LEHNER electronics has stood for quality and reliability in the areas of cable systems and the manufacture of electromechanical assemblies.
The Fb Compact Warehouse, a tailor-made Automated Small Parts Warehouse (AS/RS) in connection with the Automed Guided Vehicles (AGV) are the heart of the new building. Thanks to the good partnership, all of the customer’s wishes and requirements could be perfectly implemented.

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Success Stories

Nagel Maschinen- & Werkzeugfabrik GmbH – Automated Small Parts Warehouse

Find out more about the possibilities of an automated small parts warehouse with different rack heights. In order to be able to use the space available at NAGEL Maschinen- und Werkzeugfabrik GmbH in the best possible way, the Fb Compact Warehouse was individually developed and implemented. Small parts up to 120kg can now be transported automatically with shuttles and picked with maximum performance.

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